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In summary, we received a building that exceeds all of our expectations and that has won appreciation for its beauty and quality. Tafnit had a key role in this achievement.

Herzl Makov, President, Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Tafnit work is an important component of this innovative urban project. The company also handled and is continuing to expedite the relevant city outline plans for Safra Square Jerusalem with professionalism and to our full satisfaction, through their final statutory approval.

Eitan Meir, Municipality of Jerusalem

Tafnit design and city planning is a professional and creative firm. The drawings and details are produced at a high level and working with them is both pleasant and professional.

Dr. Rivka Amit, Director Geological Survey of Israel

I would like to note that Tafnit services were professional while meeting the timetable.

Margalit Mosse-Friedberg, Partner, Director of the Logistics and Systems Division AVIV AMCG3

Tafnit performed its work with dedication and professionalism through plan approval.

Yoel Ofir, Senior Deputy to the Accountant General

The company's work is characterized by its meeting high standards in its engagement with numerous and various parties, strict adherence to professional efficiency, while employing its extensive knowledge based on its many years of experience in project management.”

Azriel Novick, CFO Avi Hai Fund