Agnon House – Building Renovation and Construction of a Permanent Exhibition

The Agnon House Association was founded in 1982 in order to preserve the home of S.Y. Agnon as a home for culture and literature focusing on nurturing familiarity with Agnon’s works in particular and with Hebrew literature in general.
Agnon House in Jerusalem is a National Heritage site, the historic home of the author, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, and has become a museum of literature. Agnon and his family lived in this house in the 1930s.
The building was designed by Architect Fritz Kornberg in the Bauhaus Style with straight and simple lines and without decorations and embellishments.. The house is not covered with Jerusalem stone. Since the Talpiot neighborhood was at a distance from and set apart from the other parts of Jerusalem, the mandatory law that required stone cladding did not apply to it.
Following the death of Agnon and his wife, the building was purchased by the Municipality of Jerusalem and has operated as a home for literature and culture over the years. The house underwent a process of renovation and preservation in the early 2000’s and was opened to the public in 2009.
In 2014, Tafnit was asked to manage the construction of the exhibition and adaptation of the building to receive visitors. During this work, Tafnit managed the upgrade of the building’s electromechanical systems and their adaptation to required standards. In addition, Tafnit managed construction of the exhibition set up in the main hall of the building, which covers the trajectory of Agnon’s life.
The exhibition is supported by multimedia works and the most advanced A/V systems [available].