Beit Micha

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The Jerusalem Fund was established in 1966 at the initiative of former Mayor Teddy Kollek. The fund focuses on social and cultural initiatives directed toward the special agenda and needs of civil society in Jerusalem and is successfully involved in physical projects and content in the fields of education, culture, economic growth, community and welfare, dialogue and communal living.

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[The building serves as a] center for children with hearing impairments in Abu Tor. An approximately 2000 m² addition was constructed above an existing 350 m² single-story building owned by the Municipality of Jerusalem.

• Design/program/use or other background
[This is] a rehabilitation daycare center for children with hearing disabilities with classrooms adapted to the special needs of these children, with the addition of offices, a library, and audiology center and treatment rooms.
An observation deck was constructed on the roof of the building open to the general public that overlooks the Old City Basin.

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