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Beit Halochem – Soldiers’ House

The IDF Disabled Veterans Organization was established in the fall of 1949 by a group of disabled IDF veterans who were hospitalized at that time in Building 6 of the Tel Hashomer Rehabilitation Department. The organization was established during a strike against the conditions of their hospitalization, a strike that ended with a meeting with the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense at that time, David Ben-Gurion, mediated by Dr. Haim Shiba, the Hospital Administrator.
Beit Halochem is a sports center for disabled IDF veterans located in southwest Jerusalem near the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens.
The Beit Halochem site has a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool, a multiuse sports hall, fitness room, gymnastics hall, squash courts and other sports facilities as well as classrooms, lecture halls, a conference hall and shooting range.
Outdoor facilities at the site include tennis courts, a soccer field, an archery range and game courts. A total of about 40,000 m² of open areas have been developed in the framework of this project.