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Moriah – Jerusalem Development Company, Ltd. was established in 1986 and has been engaged since then in the development of infrastructure in Jerusalem.
The Givat Communa Neighborhood is located in northern Jerusalem, on the site that formally housed the Biblical Zoo. A zoning plan was prepared at the first stage of the project that re-zoned the former Biblical Zoo area into residential and commercial lots and a large playground and park area. Based on this plan, the sale of the land enabled the construction of the new Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in the southwestern part of the city. This first stage [of neighborhood construction] was completed in 1995.
During marketing of the land, the Moriah Company, which is the development company designated to operate on behalf of the Israel Land Administration, collected development fees from the developers, and this money was used for the development works for public areas: roads, sidewalks, walkways and extensive playgrounds.
In addition to its role in management, coordination and supervision of the development works in the public areas, Tafnit also managed marketing of the lots and oversaw the developers’ work.