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Justice Ministry – 20 King David Street, Jerusalem

The Government Housing Administration (GHA) serves as the properties, purchasing and logistics division of the Accountant General at the Finance Ministry. The GHA is tasked inter alia with finding housing solutions for governmental ministries and support units (other than the Ministry of Defense) and with managing state properties in the real estate field that serve government ministries, as well as properties that are not owned by the State.
The GHA operates in a number of fields: purchasing of buildings used by the governmental ministries and support units or renting buildings for them [and] the construction of buildings, their sale, rental and maintenance.
This building, constructed in the 1930s, is designated for preservation. The building was originally designed as an apartment building, was later converted into an office building and was used by the Ministry of Health until 2012. [Tafnit] prepared a program for purposes of housing the Purchasing and Tenders Division of the Justice Ministry in the building and the building was [subsequently] designed and adapted to its needs on the basis of the program. The building contains a service basement and 4 aboveground floors, each with a typical floor area of about 300 m².
In order to adapt the building, structural reinforcing and roof renovations were performed, and original elements such as doors, railings and stairs were preserved. Modern electromechanical systems were also installed in the building and complete finish works were executed in order to enable modern use of the building.
During construction, findings were made that mandated reevaluation by the designers and the contractor such as a cistern covering about 50% of the ground floor.