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Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is established through the Government Construction Administration, which is the executive arm of the Ministry of FinanceAccountant General and government housing, which is responsible for the establishment of government compounds and courts.

The office requires extensive built-up physical areas, the main goal of the project is to meet the bulk of the needs of the head office and turn it into the main building of the office instead of the one currently located on Salah a-Din Street in Jerusalem.

The project is located at the intersection of Wolfson and Netanel Lorch Streets in Kiryat Ben Gurion, close to the Prime Minister’s Office and other government ministries.

The project is built using the “DBOT” method, in which the developer who won the project (Africa Properties and Dania Cebus) plans, builds and operates the building for a long period. Tafnit represents the Secretariat and carries out planning control and supervision of the work at the site on its behalf.

Project Contents:

The complex includes offices for about 1840 employees and underground parking for about 650 users.

The main uses of the building:

  • Chambers, offices and meeting rooms
  • Auditorium
  • Collaborative workspace and library
  • Galleries
  • Training Center
  • ICT Center

In addition, the project includes the construction of commercial areas and the execution of landscape development work for integration into the urban space.

During the project, a specific master plan was submitted and approved, allowing the addition of three floors in the tower and a two-story bridge between the two wings of the project in order to enable the addition of 3,250 square meters to the needs of the office.

The project is in advanced stages of construction and will be completed in 2023.