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The Western Basins (Sorek and Rephaim) – Sewage Collection and Treatment System

The purpose of this plan was to establish a to integrate engineering installations into the environment and to rehabilitate the landscape along the sewage line alignment.
Master plans and a district zoning plan were prepared that encompassed all of the areas of the treatment plant collector line system. The cost of all of these works according to the plans was estimated at approximately $100 million. These plans received all of the required statutory approvals, including approval for the environmental impact statement.
Implementation of the plan was divided into three parts:
• Construction of the Western Wastewater Treatment Plant – constructed in a DBOT framework and funded by a loan approved by the Finance Ministry and a grant from the National Water and Sewage Administration.
• Construction of a tunnel through which the sewage collector line passes and a service road accompanying it. The 2.1 km long tunnel begins in the Rephaim River basin and reaches the Sorek River basin. .
• Construction of a system of collector lines totaling approximately 8 km in length, starting from the sewage tunnel and ending at the treatment plant, together with landscape rehabilitation long the Sorek River.
Tafnit-Wind managed the entire master plan and zoning plan process through receipt of approvals, as well as preliminary development planning, and participated in preparation of the DBOT tender for the treatment plant