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Government Housing Administration – Consultation on Office Fit-out Projects

The Government Housing Administration (GHA) serves as the properties, purchasing and logistics division of the Accountant General at the Finance Ministry. The GHA is tasked inter alia with finding housing solutions for governmental ministries and support units (other than the Ministry of Defense) and with managing state properties in the real estate field that serve government ministries, as well as properties that are not owned by the State.
The GHA operates in a number of fields: purchasing of buildings used by the governmental ministries and support units or renting buildings for them [and] the construction of buildings, their sale, rental and maintenance.
As part of the GHA’s activities in finding temporary and permanent housing solutions for the various government ministries, Tafnit Construction Management served as a consultant on various rental fit-out projects of various sizes.
Tafnit’s role as the owner’s representative was to accompany the works being planned and executed on properties rented by the GHA for government ministries.
As the owner’s representative, Tafnit’s representatives participated in the entire process, starting from identification of the property, negotiations with the property owners, selection of the most appropriate property for rental, accompaniment of the stages of design in coordination with the various units and the landlords, accompaniment of construction, budget and timetable control, coordination and submittal of all approvals required through occupancy of the leasehold to the full satisfaction of the GHA and the user.
In order to represent the owner, Tafnit had to also define security and computerization requirements of the various units in addition to standard design requirements commensurate with the nature of each user. For this purpose, it was necessary to make detailed reference to the special needs of each user, and that beyond the handling of all of the other design and engineering issues.
The following is a partial list of the units and government ministries that were handled and that are currently being handled by Tafnit as the representative of the Government Housing Administration.
• Ministry of Health
• Ministry of Welfare
• Justice Ministry
• Planning Administration
• Israel Police
• Finance Ministry
• Timnah International Airport
• Ministry of Tourism
• Ministry of Housing & Construction
• Miscellaneous items.

Photograph from Dana for each project Beit ha-Shenhav, Biometric Authority, Ramon Airport, Mechanized Processing Service