Jerusalem Venture Partners was founded by Erel Margalit in 1993. After having operated for several years in rented buildings, the fund decided in 2005 to lease the former Government Printing House compound and to adapt it to its needs.
The Government Printing House was constructed in 1937 near the first railway station in Jerusalem. The building, which is designated for preservation, was designed in the International Style by the British Architect (Austen St. Barbe Harrison (1891–1976) [who served as] the Chief Architect of the Public Works Department of the British Mandatory Government in Palestine..
The building was adapted to the needs of Jerusalem Venture Partners and for the use of other startups.
In order to preserve the building and to restore it without affecting the existing structural framing and main interior spaces, complex structural reinforcing was executed with a combination of concrete and steel.
Modern and complex electrochemical systems were installed in the building in order to adapt the building to the modern needs of its users and to current building standards.
The original windows were preserved or new windows were installed that are compatible with the originals in all of the façades designated for preservation.
Site development works were also executed on the site that, together with the rehabilitation of buildings, created spaces and an atmosphere that supports creativity and cooperation.