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The Logistical Center of the Knesset’s Central Elections Committee

The Government Building Administration (GBA) is the executive arm of the Finance Ministry/Accountant General and government housing responsible for the construction of dozens of governmental centers and courthouses.
The GBA was established in 1993 (under the previous name of “Government Center and Courthouse Construction Administration”) in order to implement a master plan for the construction of modern government offices in order to improve service to the public and [to provide] suitable working conditions [for government employees].
The GBA is the staff unit tasked with developing and executing new construction and constitutes the professional authority on construction issues. The GBA handles the construction of ministerial offices, district and subdistrict government centers, courthouses and a variety of [other] projects.
The new logistical center of the Central Elections Committee was constructed in the Hevel Modi’in Industrial Park, replacing the old center located in Holon.
The [new] center was constructed for purposes of logistical management of the Knesset elections process. All of the units necessary for holding the elections process operate in this building.
The building contains a sorting and storage center, offices and loading and unloading areas.
In 2004, about 10 years after completion of the center’s construction, Tafnit was requested to design and manage the construction of an additional floor for the center that would be used for offices, a conference hall and training center.