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Main Sewage Line – West Jerusalem

Jerusalem Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Works, Ltd. was established to treat Jerusalem’s wastewater. [As such,] it is responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of Jerusalem’s wastewater treatment plants.
This project was executed in the Wadi Sorek and Wadi Rephaim basins in order to discharge wastewater from southwestern Jerusalem to the wastewater treatment facility located in the Sorek Basin.
The project consisted of the excavation of a 2.1 km long and 6 m wide tunnel and placement of a 1 m diameter steel pipe within it designed to transport wastewater from the Rephaim Basin to the Sorek Basin carrier line and placement of a 1.4 m diameter pipe for carrying the wastewater from the Sorek and Rephaim Basins westward for about 10 km to the wastewater treatment plant.