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Wastewater collection and treatment systems in the eastern basins (Og, Kardon and Dragot)

Jerusalem Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Works, Ltd. was established to treat Jerusalem wastewater and is responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of Jerusalem’s wastewater treatment plants.
The plan provides a total solution for wastewater east of the watershed that drain through two main collectors into the Og and Kardon streams, the construction of two treatment plants at the end of the wastewater collectors – the Og WWTF and the Kardon WWTF. The Og WWTF was constructed on the banks of the stream near Mishor Adumim in the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Maale Adumim.
At the first stage, the Og facility and is planned to handle an average daily flow rate of 56,000 m³. The treated effluents are primarily designated for use in agricultural irrigation north of the Dead Sea.
The discharge line to the Dead Sea has already been completed, ending at the collection facilities used for irrigation, including a balancing reservoir and pumping stations for the effluents that are sent to the fields of farming communities north of the Dead Sea.